Election results

Only 24 percent of the town’s registered voters turned out for the Grafton election, with 2,693 votes cast.

Selectmen’s race: Mary Ann Cotton 1610, Chris LeMay 1520, John Carlson 1298

School Committee: Donna Stock wins over Charles Villee, 1,972-550

Moderator: Roger Trahan wins, 1,533 to Raymond Mead’s 1,078


3 thoughts on “Election results

  1. Actually the results posted on the town’s Web site indicate that there were nearly 5,400 votes cast, which would equal 50 percent turnout.

  2. The 2693 number is the voter turnout. The 5386 number reflects the fact that each voter can vote for 2 candidates in that race if they choose. So the total number of possible votes in the Selectman’s race was twice the voter turnout, which was 2693.

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