Yes, you CAN go to Town Meeting

Rumor of the week: if more people than there are seats show up for Town Meeting on Monday, voters will be turned away.

That’s not going to happen. That legally cannot happen. If you are a registered voter in the town of Grafton, you have the right to have your voice heard — and vote — at Grafton’s Town Meeting.

The town may legally place overflow in an alternate room — the gymnasium across the hall — but they must make all business occurring inside the auditorium audible and your vote must be included in the final tally.

If any voters are turned away, the entire meeting can be nullified by the Secretary of State’s office, which oversees election and voting issues. The business of the meeting can be tabled if the town cannot accommodate all voters.

This is why, for example, the town of Middleborough held its Town Meeting outdoors on a football field to decide the casino issue. A little closer to home, the town of Berlin had a Special Town Meeting on a Saturday, in several rooms if I remember correctly, to vote on the zoning changes required for what is now the Solomon Pond Mall.

If, however, you are refused entrance — get the name of the person who isn’t letting you in. Get the names of any witnesses. Make a fuss. Don’t roll over and play dead.

I’m doubtful the crowd will overflow the venue. But I kind of love the thought of it. Just imagine — the high school that some say doesn’t need expanding… is too small to even hold Town Meeting.


2 thoughts on “Yes, you CAN go to Town Meeting

  1. I saw the weather report is calling for rain on Monday. Apparently when it rains, the gym roof leaks pretty bad….and um, I think that is where the overflow seating is intended.

  2. Perfect! No problems with this school, not at all. Why do we need umbrellas in the gymnasium when it rains? Um… just it natural sprinkler system!

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