Bumper to bumper

I was going through the photos on my digital last night when I spotted the mystery car. I’d meant to ask the principal at Grafton Middle School about it, because it probably belongs to a staffer. Check it out:

You really don’t see a lot of bumper stickers these days. Apparently, they’re all on this car.

I once had a neon green Geo Prizm, bought used and cheap because no one wanted to buy a neon green car. I loved that car. It was so easy to spot in parking lots. I get the feeling the driver of this car subscribes to the same theory.

The kids at school must love this car. There are probably a few conservatives who would frown on it, though.

By the way, at this point they’ve run out of the bumper. The sticker infection is spreading.

Oooh, my favorite Douglas Adams quote. I’m a big fan of pushing deadlines. If you’re squinting, it says “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” RIP, Mr. Adams. So long and, you know… thanks for all the fish. Do you think the fish next to that sticker was kind of a tribute to the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” quote, or that it was simply a random event from the car’s improbability drive?

And here, I expose my inner geek. Whoops.

Anyone know who drives this car? I’m kind of in love with it.


4 thoughts on “Bumper to bumper

  1. Her reply (I get the feeling she is going to get along famously with my daughter in five years):

    I try hard to avoid anger and vulgarity. I love watching people’s faces in the rear view mirror at stop lights. Very few manage to read with their mouths closed. Most seem amused.
    I’ve driven cross-country with kids and never encountered any hassles. It seems to amuse or bemuse without provoking anger.

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