11:36 p.m. and we’re out!

I’ll go into more detail after I get some sleep, but the big news of the night: Article 20, appropriating $550,000 for the School Feasibility Study, has passed!

Twice, even, after a woman who wasn’t satisfied with the moderator and his deputy in the gymnasium’s count of seated hands (eight opposed, everyone else for) challenged that it wasn’t a 2/3 majority because all the votes weren’t counted. Then everyone who had made their way to the aisles in anticipation of going home already (and can’t fault them for it, we were forced to sit through over two hours of nitpicking and questionable motions on the budget) had to find seats again, stand to vote, and THEN leave.

I stayed for the full meeting with a neighbor, who compared it to people leaving a Red Sox game in the seventh inning in a blow-out game only to get caught in traffic until what would have been the ninth inning. It was a long hike back up to the minivan at the Municipal Building, but at least I didn’t have to sit in traffic.

The women who manned the sign-in didn’t have a final tally on the number of people who attended Town Meeting, but we easily filled the auditorium and, I heard, one full side of the gymnasium and possibly a bit on the other side as well.


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