Talkin’ about Grafton

A blog’s a bit like a monologue. There’s just one person talking and, frequently, you might not want to heckle in the form of a comment, because what the heck are they going to say back?

There’s a group set up online in Google Groups to talk about the problems facing the schools and the town — more of a dialog than the monologue I have going here. Check it out here. It’s fairly small at this point but, hopefully, more people will get involved as the town starts to discuss the school issue and the bigger matter of how the town is going to adjust to its growth.

The group was set up by Gopal Shenoy with this mandate:

“The Grafton Schools have long enjoyed the great commitment from Grafton residents, parents and teachers alike in ensuring that the education standards are maintained at the highest academic levels. However, like every other school district, Grafton is currently facing budget constraints. Then there is the urgent need for space in the high school because of the rapid growth experienced by the school district in the last 10 years. Key challenges are in front of all of us. The school superintendent Dr. Connors, teachers and the school committee need the full support of all Grafton residents to ensure that we can get the necessary funds to solve these issues. We have a great opportunity to come forward and collectively solve these issues so that we can all continue to improve the schooling system in Grafton. This will ensure that Grafton schools continue to provide a well rounded education for our kids so that they grow into responsible citizens of our nation. The primary purpose of this forum is to allow all Grafton residents to discuss the issues facing the school district, offer their opinions and perspectives and to collectively help resolve the issues faced by the Grafton school district.”

And I’m going to sneak in a thank you for reading here underneath that giant paragraph. The stats on this blog are rather hypnotic for me — I’ve spent most of my adult life creating stories that are printed on paper and had to rely on faith that the circulation numbers reflected that people were actually reading them (well, faith, “hey I read your story!” comments and the occasional nasty phone call). I now write for both paper and Web and, same thing, I have to rely on other people telling me I have pageviews.

This doesn’t come close to what a large site gets but hey — I think 300 hits for a three-week-old blog on the day after Town Meeting definitely indicates that people want to know more about what’s going on in Grafton.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to go find out exactly what that is.


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