Flashing blue lights

Note to the police officer posted beside One Grafton Common every Saturday night:

Hey it’s me! The woman in the blue Honda Civic who waves to you around 1:30 a.m. each week! Thanks for running my plate to make sure I’m not coming into town on an outstanding warrant or a hardened criminal looking to extend her crime spree into 01519.

And yes, I’m absolutely serious. Although it was kind of weird when your fellow officer a little down the road on Millbury Street spent a few minutes tailing me to make sure I stuck to the speed limit and wasn’t driving erratically. You do have to wonder why people are out driving so late (for the record, I was editing the Sunday paper, drinking nothing more exciting than a Coke) and it’s far better to catch someone before the hideous caused-by-drunken-driving crash than afterward.

See you next Saturday!


One thought on “Flashing blue lights

  1. I’m glad to see that they are doing that. I used to drive home late every Friday night and ended up behind a drunk driver about half the time.

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