Planning Grafton’s future

We’ve got mail!

Keith Regan is hoping to recruit some fresh blood for the two town committees on which he serves, as well as others with vacancies. He writes:

“I happen to be on two committees that are among those with vacancies and wanted to try to get the word out a bit. By the way, a full list of current vacancies is on the town Web site.

“The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is seeking an at-large member to fill a vacancy. This is the 9-member committee that administers the Community Preservation Act in Grafton. We typically meet only once a month, with relatively little in-between-meeting work (with plenty of opportunity to get more involved, of course). The CPC reviews project applications and votes on whether to recommend that Town Meeting approve funding within the Act’s four funding areas–open space, recreation, affordable housing and historic preservation.

“The work can be rewarding as well, since the funds can create tangible benefits to the town. CPC funds made the town’s purchase of Hassanamesit Woods (about 200 acres of open space) possible; it also created the Ekblaw Landing canoe and kayak launch on Worcester Street and later this year will be used to build a sports field. More info on the committee’s rules and so forth is on the Web site page.

“Meanwhile, the Planning Board is seeking an associate member. The Associate is the sixth member of the board and votes only on special permits (which most uses in Grafton require) when one of the five elected board members is ineligible or unable to vote; however, it’s been long-standing practice that associate members participate fully in the board’s discussions even when they’re not voting. I started as an associate member myself (going on 9 years ago), as did our newly elected Chairman, Christophe Courchesne.

“The Planning Board can be more time-demanding. There are two meetings per months typically and it requires a fair amount of reading and preparation time to be ready for meetings. It’s always a challenge to balance the town’s long-term needs with current development projects — and to keep a positive attitude in the face of the state’s antiquated approach to regulating land use — but sometimes progress is made. Maybe this is a plus, maybe not, but it’s a fact: Starting in June, Planning Board meetings will be broadcast live on channel 12.

“I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone who might be interested would have about the vacancies. Email keitharegan (at)

“Time is short: The deadline to apply is Friday, June 6th. You can apply via e-mail to the adminstrative assistant’s address on the Board of Selectmen page .”

Thank you Keith!

Do you want to get the word out about something in Grafton? Drop me a line at greatergrafton (at)


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