Hot. Hot. Hot.

How hot? This hot.

Hot enough to make you go here. Admit it, you go here all the time. You quietly count the days once the banner appears outside in the spring.

For your ice cream pleasure, here’s what’s on the menu this season.

Don’t forget: they have ice cream for your dog, too. Miss Bavosi, a second grade teacher at South Grafton Elementary, had her whole class come to Swirls & Scoops for her beagle Max’s birthday party earlier this spring. The guest of honor, oddly enough, ate everything except the dog biscuit that came along with his doggie sundae.


One thought on “Hot. Hot. Hot.

  1. Hi ~ I love the low-fat hard frozen yogurt at S&S… especially the chocolate almond. They get their ice cream and frozen yogurt from Richardson’s, a well-known dairy farm in S.E. Mass… last year, I called Richardson’s front office directly to find out the nutrition information for my favorite flavor (because of the cardiac diet and all), and it’s just 3 grams of saturated fat per serving… not bad. Even though I’m now basically a vegan, if I want to cheat with a dairy product, this is it! 🙂 ~mel

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