Coming attractions

It’s hot. Have I mentioned it’s hot? And my car’s ability to air condition has mysteriously disappeared since last summer. You might think it was that car accident in December, which did a number on the front of the car, but the collision guys say they don’t believe it’s related. They’re checking with insurance to see if they’ll cover it.

So. It’s hot.

I’d hoped to write about two new stores that put up signs in the Koopman Lumber plaza today. Alas, they’re so new, they’re not open yet. BUT, one will be opening its doors tomorrow.

Treasures, an “upscale thrift store,” is taking up two storefronts, one of which used to hold Learning Express. I blame Learning Express for my daughter’s Webkinz addiction. The Great Webkinz Shortage of 2007, ironically, is probably one of the reasons why Learning Express had to close up shop.

If you’re feeling thrifty, they’ll be open tomorrow. The dresses in the window looked decent, and they seem to have a lot of stuff on hand. I don’t know if they’re relocating from elsewhere or how they get merchandise (or if you can sell it to them) because, obviously, they’re not open yet. (Quick edit: they have a Web site that says basically that they carry women’s, men’s, children’s and infant clothing as well as books, toys, furniture and household items, as well as handmade crafts.)

Next door, they’re still remodeling, but my mouth is watering. Introducing Romey’s Gourmet:

What’s on the menu? So glad you asked.

Apart from the misused possessive on seafood (I spotted at least three at Roche Bros. yesterday. I’m going to start going around with a red Sharpie to edit signs.), the menu — click on the photo to see a larger view — looks yummy. I had thought, at first glance, that it was a Dream Dinners-type of place, where you go in and make massive amounts of dinners for your freezer, but it looks more like a “company’s coming, who has time to cook?” kind of place, or maybe a “I don’t want to eat pizza or go through a drive-thru” kind of option.

Again, I can’t say for sure, because it doesn’t look like they’re even close to opening yet. They were painting in the back when I looked through the window.

I just hope, for their sake, they had air conditioning. Have I mentioned it’s hot?


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