Live! From Grafton Common!

You know this place. We all know this place.

It’s Grafton Common, probably the most-photographed spot in Grafton. Proms, weddings, town events. In fact, my number one most emailed question is “hey, if you’re writing about Grafton, why don’t you have the common in your banner?” The answer is simple: I need to remind myself that I’m writing about my own backyard and, what’s in my backyard? Lupines.

As everyone knows, the common’s bandstand was actually built for the movie “Ah, Wilderness!” It’s very charming and it’s a fake movie prop that actually has had a successful second career as an actual gathering spot.

Why do I bring up the common? It’s going to be the backdrop for a live broadcast on June 25. Here’s the release from Grafton Community TV:

“Grafton Community Television will broadcast live from the historic Grafton Common on Wednesday evening, June 25th. The Two Guys Who Like To Talk Show, an hour long program hosted by GCTV producers Rick Schultze and Bill Robidoux, will originate live from the Grafton Common bandstand beginning at 8:00 PM. The public is invited to attend. There will be an opportunity during the hour program for guests who are part of the Grafton Common audience to make comments and ask questions.

“According to Rick Schultze, who also serves as a member of the town’s Cable Television Oversight Committee, ‘It’s exciting when we can take one of our Grafton public access shows outside of the studios. We get to video tape many special events held at the Common, but doing a live broadcast from the Common’s bandstand is something that is not done all that often. The June 25th broadcast not only showcases the Grafton Common but also highlights the capabilities of Grafton Community Television.’

“Perhaps the most photographed town common in New England, the centerpiece of the four acre Grafton Common is its bandstand (also often called a gazebo) built in 1935 to film Eugene O’Neil’s ‘Ah, Wilderness.’ The June 25th live broadcast from the Grafton Common is made possible with the cooperation of Charter Communications who are providing use of their mobile broadcast studios. Questions about the Wednesday, June 25th live broadcast can be directed to Grafton Community Television Public Access Coordinator Danielle DeLucia at 508-839-2983 or e-mail:


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