Mini Fenway

We’re headed back to our favorite field tonight for Little League: Edward P. Miner Field at Norcross Park, aka Mini Fenway.

Why do we call it Mini Fenway? Take a look.

Yes, that’s Fenway green!

Miner Field has its own miniature Green Monster. It has its own grandstand set of seats, right behind home plate in addition to the regular bleachers. My mother is always convinced she’s going to get hit by a baseball sitting there.

We had a makeup game Sunday. Yes, in all that heat. Yes, the boys still wore their long polyester pants and woolen socks. And yes, our team’s color is dark green (Grafton green!) and we were playing a team wearing… black.

Luckily, our team mom is a genius. She brought a tarp to cover at least part of the dugout (they’re more like animal cages, and they sometimes sound that way) so the kids would have some shade. Another mom brought spritzing bottles.

Every time I take pictures at Little League, I’m torn by the chainlink fence. It’s in the way, so I have to either shoot through the holes or just accept the links. They do look cool sometimes.

Speaking of cool…

Don’t you love the names on the backs of the shirts? That was our team mom’s idea as well.

The kids all put greasepaint under their eyes to avoid glare. Then they all sweated it off.

What’s really nice about this stage of the game — the kids are confident in their basics and their starting to move up to more advanced moves, like pitching, bunting and stealing bases. The pitching does make some nights feel like the kids are just spending time walking around the bases, but there are those moments when you suddenly see the kid snap into “oh, NOW I get it” mode and it’s strike-strike-line drive-efficient out mode.

And it’s nice to see that happen at mini Fenway. It’s about as close as we’re getting to a Red Sox game this year.

“Good game. Good game. Good game.”


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