Romey’s Gourmet

I’ve been playing tag with Charlie Vasquez, owner of the soon-to-open Romey’s Gourmet at 82 Worcester St. You’ve seen the sign, you may even have taken a look at the food listing on the door.

When’s it going to open?

“We’re still working on the construction,” Vasquez said. “We’re hoping to be ready in a couple weeks, but we have to work with the town, get everything in order.”

Romey’s — here’s their Web site, complete with menu — will specialize in prepared foods, cheeses and deli items. Entrees, pasta and sides are priced by the pound, ranging from twice baked potatoes at $1.95 each to dill crusted salmon at $13.95 a pound.

Oh, let’s just throw out a few examples: adobo grilled pork chops, pecorino crusted chicken, veal parmesan, Maine crab cakes, spicy Asian noodle salad, four cheese manicotti, lasagna bolognese. Darn it, they always tell you to eat before you blog!

They will also offer specialty and deli sandwiches, salads and soups.

For Vasquez, the store is the culmination of a culinary dream.

“I’ve been a chef for 20-something years, more on an upscale level,” he said. “This has just been always a vision, something I’ve always wanted to do.”

A Douglas resident, Vasquez had been negotiating for a property in South Grafton for the past two years when he decided, instead, to focus on the storefront near Koopman’s Lumber. The plaza has seen a number of businesses since it first opened, but he’s confident that the public desire for well-prepared food — especially pre-made takeout meals — will drive business.

“It’s good, simple food,” he said. “Four star restaurants are great, but who wants to pay those prices?”

His original business plan did call for the business to offer cooking classes as well as food items. After talking with the Board of Health, he doesn’t think cooking classes will fly.

“I’m going to have an open kitchen,” he said. “I have no problem with people coming in and asking what are you working on and how do you do it.”


One thought on “Romey’s Gourmet

  1. Two Thumbs Up for Romey’s

    For everyone who lamented the closing of Nina’s Restaurant in the same plaza several years ago, our wait is over for a quality dining establishment that has wonderful atmosphere, chic decor, and attentive staff!

    My lunch on Friday was the Baked Haddock. The seafood entree was tasty, and the accompanying rice and roasted summer squash were sensational. I give lots of credit for the presentation; serving the meal on a substantial dinner ware with beautiful untensils was a treat – no plastic here!

    My husband and I were looking forward to tasting the chocolate chip cannoli’s, but there were none to devour. The counter staff explained that the cannoli’s were gone an hour and a half after Chef Charlie put them out in the dessert case. Oh well, at least I avoided a guilty, overindulgence after eating my healthy Haddock!

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