It’s a gas, gas, gas

I was driving behind an RV this morning, wondering what the heck kind of mileage a house on wheels gets, when it pulled into a gas station. Then I wondered how much the thing would cost to fill up.

Unfortunately, (and its affilates, and doesn’t have an entry for Grafton, so I can’t give you a handy map. It would have been cool. It would have been easy. Nooo, I had to call around.

Please note, all prices are for regular gas:

Mike’s Mobil, 90 Worcester St. — $4.09/gallon
Citgo (XtraMart), 87 Worcester St. — $4.07/gallon
Cumberland Farms, 14 Main St. AND 16 Upton St. — $4.07/gallon

But check out Millbury! We have a pricing war going on! (From

Sam’s Gas, 60 Main St. & Canal St. (cash only) — $3.98/gallon
Riverside Mart, 54 Canal St. near Maple St. — $3.99/gallon
Xtra Mart, 100 Providence/Worcester Turnpike — $3.99/gallon


One thought on “It’s a gas, gas, gas

  1. Grafton is listed but no one has reported any prices in the last 48 hours. It only works if regular people report prices.

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