Hassanamesit Woods on WBUR

WBUR’s RadioBoston (90.9 FM) will report on their visit to the Sarah Boston Homestead site in Hassanamesit Woods on Friday and Saturday, both at 1 p.m. Eric Johnson, chairman of the Hassanamesit Woods Committee, was interviewed at length for the piece, which will be available for listening online at WBUR after it’s aired (I’ll try to link it directly when it’s up).

Meanwhile, check out this video about the progress archaeologists from the University of Massachusetts are making in the woods, which was within the boundaries of the original 17th century Hassanamesit Praying Indian village.

And I also Googled up the initial survey on the property, included in a 2004 story on Blackstone Daily (scroll to the bottom).

Thanks for the tip, Michael!


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