It Passed!!

It may not be a scoop, but I am happy to report that the feasibility study has passed!!!!!  The vote was 1164 in favor, with 466 opposed.  Another hurdle cleared as we progress towards a solution to the town’s school space issue.

The feasibility study is expected to take between 8-10 months.  The good news is that the town has already done a lot of work in recent years that should save the town some time and money. No doubt, there are more important decisions to be made along the way – so stay involved and stay informed.

Great job today, Grafton!


2 thoughts on “It Passed!!

  1. We need a CNN poll analysis here. I think it is great that this was approved, but I am curious what folks think about the results?

    In particular, there were 466 votes against. Roughly rounding those numbers off, it seems to be about 2 to 1. Given the absurdly overwhelming support at TM, why are things trending this way?

  2. I’m not sure I would call it a trend. I think its a matter of the election being more accessible for people to voice their stance on the issues. It may also be somewhat circumstantial – given that it was the day after the final day of school and a popoular vacation time. I also spoke with a couple people that didn’t realize – to my surprise – that they needed to vote in the election to make sure the money was approved for the study.

    So, in my analysis, you had people that were in favor that may not have shown up to vote and you had many opposed who made sure they showed up to vote. That could explain the apparent increase in opposition.

    Nonetheless, it passed and we’re headed in the right direction.

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