Not cool.

Here’s my least-favorite piece of graffiti in Grafton. I think it’s been there since we moved in, which would make it four years old at least.

It’s on Brigham Hill Road, close to the Municipal Building. My favorite part, if there must be a favorite part, is the fact that the graffiti “artist” has absolutely no idea how to spell Helen Keller and, in fact, considers her name an insult to a deaf person. Please. Helen Keller was both blind and deaf and the author of 12 books and many essays and articles; I’d bet the spelling errors she made were few and far between. Ooh, did you know you could download her autobiography, The Story of My Life, for free?

She was a suffragist, a birth control supporter, a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, and, yes, a Socialist (I still remember the shocked gasps in Howard Zinn’s class when he rolled out that list. Helen Keller has this goody-two-shoes image). She’s featured on Alabama’s state quarter. “The Miracle Worker,” the play about the efforts of Anne Sullivan to teach the deafblind child how to communicate, has resulted in several movies and some probably less-than-stellar high school productions.

I’d also bet that she knew a few decent hand gestures that would put the “artist” in his or her place, no prior knowledge of ASL necessary.

Here’s an idea: anyone at the DPW know where to get some yellow paint?

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