Seek and ye shall find… Grafton

I check the site’s dashboard through the day because I like to see if anyone is actually reading the thing and have an unhealthy obsession with statistics (Seriously. They really dress up a health story and add an air of legitimacy to, say, a fluff piece about back-to-school shopping trends. Four out of five journalists would agree — the fifth journalist is just typing in the press release verbatim so he can get back to complaining about the lack of opportunities in newspapers these days).

The search engine referrals today are amusing me.

Why did five people Google “‘All politics is local’ lincoln”? Were four people really looking for Miner Field in Grafton when they did a search for “mini Fenway”? Do seven people have as many issues with “standards based report cards” as I do?

The other referrals at least make sense: everyone wanted to know about the Grafton & Upton Railroad and Jon Delli Prescoli yesterday; everyone’s looking for fireworks around Grafton and Millbury today.

And I hope the person who was looking for “how to de-skunk a dog” managed to find proper directions. I don’t even want to KNOW how bad his house was reeking when he found nothing of use here.**

**(For future reference: keep large amounts of cheap tomato juice on hand and, worst case, dilute tomato sauce with vinegar. Rinse the dog with water, lather him up with the tomato juice and let it sit for a few minutes before soaping him up. Rinse. Repeat with tomato juice again if necessary. And take pictures — a humiliated dog covered with tomato juice is hysterical.)


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