Selling it on YouTube

I have mixed feelings about this whole trend of Realtors putting up videos of homes up on YouTube. Yeah, they may be just doing what my own chain does — using the convenience of YouTube for video storage and then linking from their own Web sites — but, on the other hand, these are people’s homes. A neighbor who has had her house for sale forever was shocked to discover a complete tour of her own home up on the site, with her address plainly listed for anyone who wanted to break in and steal her stuff.

OK, so mixed feelings, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to link to one. I have a weakness for Victorians, and I’ve driven by this one many times. Turn the sound down; the music is dreadful.

I kind of find it amusing that an 1882 Victorian has the same color scheme in its foyer as I do in my 2004 LeClaire Mendon. Will house connessieurs of the future catalog Grafton homes by the LeClaire names, I wonder? “My God, look, it’s a well-preserved Manning!” Will there be arguments over whether a certain house is a Merriam I or a Merriam II? Will they all agree that the decks are dinky and terrible? (Nahhh, I doubt the decks will last long enough for future criticism.)

OK, so I just admitted I love old homes. So why do I live in a new one? It’s simple: we spent over a decade refinishing our first home, peeling off hideous wallpaper, updating bathrooms, priming, painting. Our kitchen remodel coincided with my last pregnancy, and you’ve never known fury until you’ve been seven months pregnant and you can’t find the peanut butter you’re craving in the piles of boxes that hold the entire contents of what used to be your kitchen cabinets. Simply put: for now, we’re DONE with the renovation gig.

Still, I do love to ogle Grafton’s lovely old homes. Especially when I don’t have to bring the wallpaper steamer along.


2 thoughts on “Selling it on YouTube

  1. By the way, if you’re planning on commenting as a way to link people to YOUR real estate site, which has absolutely nothing to do with Grafton, I’m not going to approve your post. Take the spam elsewhere, please.

  2. Most homes on listed for sale can be found on the internet with addresses included. There are many many sites that will have this information besides You Tube. Any Realtor that is internet savvy knows how to do this. Every home that I am marketing can be found online very easily. That is one of the reasons someone may consider hiring an agent to begin with. With over 85% of all buyers finding their home online it makes sense you would want your home exposed to the masses.

    Why would you not want your home exposed in as many places as possible?

    I agree with you that an agent should inform their client where their home will be marketed. It actually was foolish for the agent not to point it out for their own sake to begin with. A good agent would want to explain to their client where, when, and how they market.

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