Time for a swim!

Silver Lake Beach is now open for swimming — it’s actually been a couple weeks but I keep forgetting to stop and take a picture, and it’s too pretty to NOT take a picture. It’s best known in our family as the place where I attempted to take the kids swimming once, only to have the youngest throw a fit because she was afraid she was going to go over the waterfall… so we never really did get in the water.

That’s actually kind of a depressing story, and it was a really hot day, too. Maybe you’ll have better luck with your kids.

The lily pads, by the way, aren’t in the swimming area. I just thought they were pretty as I was shooting from across the lake because, of course, the parking lot was full of cars and I don’t have a sticker for the minivan. Anyway, there are a few ways to swim at Silver Lake:

  • Buy a season pass. It’s $50 for the first vehicle, $25 if you have the need to get a pass for a second car as well. It’s only $10 if you’re a senior citizen, but $75 if you’re from out-of-town.
  • Pay by day. Parking is only $5 that way. If you’re planning to take an irrational 4-year-old to the beach who doesn’t understand that the waterfall will not drag her from shallow water and over the side, you might want to try this option first.
  • If you’re taking a group of 16 or more people, you need to talk to the Recreation Department at least a day before the visit. This, I’m guessing, allows them to plan to have enough lifeguards around. (I once covered a really nasty war of words between a rec department supervisor and a daycare director who would randomly show up with 20-odd kids at a popular wading pool)

Beach hours are noon to 7:15 p.m. daily, with the morning reserved for swimming lessons. Speaking of swimming lessons, those start July 7, $100 for the first child, $50 for the second, and you can find the full schedule of classes here along with a full accounting for all the fun day camps and activities the Rec Department has planned for the summer.


One thought on “Time for a swim!

  1. Just read the post about Silver Lake and wanted to ask if your information is accurate on the rates? As I understand the rates, if you do not have a pass for the lake, you are paying $5.00 for EACH person in your vehicle, not just a flat $5.00 for parking. You may want to double check with the Rec Dept.

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