Meet the Birdbrains

Not to go all “Wild Kingdom” this weekend, but we have some new guests. Frankly, they have me baffled.

Meet the Birdbrains:

Would you believe there are TWO of them in there? And, I fear, possibly an egg, because once you’ve squeezed into a light with your lady love and built a nest, only to discover you can’t get back OUT of the light now that both you and the nest are there — well, what else is there to do?

They weren’t too happy to have me underneath them on a stool taking their pictures. Not unhappy enough to actually attempt to flee the nest, of course. I’d hate to see what they’d try to do to us if we attempted to get them out of there.

An evil person would turn on the light. Lucky for them, I’m not that evil. Unless they decide to make a racket all night — they are right below my bedroom window. Then it’s welcome to the joys of electric light.

We’re hoping they’re not genuinely stuck. And that there isn’t an egg in there, so they’ll both leave the nest at once and we can get it out of there. Can you imagine trying to teach a baby bird how to fly out of that thing? It wouldn’t be pretty.

Anyone know what kind of bird that is? It has a red head and it’s fairly small, obviously, and its mate is all mottled browns.

**UPDATE: Still there this morning, and one bird has managed to leave to, presumably, get takeout. The female is still sitting on the nest. I think we have an egg or two. Ack!


2 thoughts on “Meet the Birdbrains


    “When nestling House Finches defecate, the feces are contained in a membranous sac, as in most birds. The parents eat the fecal sacs of the nestlings for about the first five days. In most songbird species, when the parents stop eating the sacs, they carry the sacs away and dispose of them. But House Finch parents do not remove them, and the sacs accumulate around the rim of the nest. ”


    Which is crueler: leaving them where they are, where their eggs will hatch into a light that they probably aren’t going to be able to get out of, leaving us with either baby bird corpses on the driveway or in our light (plus: bonus membranes full of poop!) or removing the egg-holding nest now? Why do I feel like Operation Rescue is going to start picketing my house?

    Thanks for the ID!

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