Seen the fire station lately?

Wow, this is going up fast!

See what $6.1 million will buy you? Grafton’s new central fire station on Upton Street is starting to look really impressive. It will eventually replace the current station at 25 Worcester St.

Four big apparatus bays, lots of room to grow along with the rest of Grafton. I can’t wait to see what this place looks like once it’s done.

I need to check with the fire department about their fire horn. When we first moved here, we heard this really odd noise every now and then that we finally realized was the fire station’s alarm. It’s very distinctive, and when I was picking up the kids at South Grafton one day, I finally got to see the thing winding up into action. I held off putting up pictures with the intent of going down and photographing it, but I just haven’t had time lately.

I’ve become rather fond of it.

3 thoughts on “Seen the fire station lately?

  1. I know what you mean about the distinctive fire horn sound… kind of a continual downward pitch of dooo DOOO dooo DOOO dooo Dooo…! When we were at the Country Store once it went off and my daughter and I were able to watch it rotate around and the firemen rush out. A fireman once told me that they are old air raid sirens.

  2. COOL!!!!! Are you kidding me. I live a stones throw from the one by the common, and they seem to always go off right around when my daughter finally settles in for an afternoon nap. I fear & despise them at the same time. Plus, I can’t figure out why they have them in the first place. My understanding is that our firefighters already have portable devices to notify them of a call ….so the only purpose of a siren would be for backup.

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