Check for ticks. NOW.

I have to apologize for this image. It’s horrifying me just as much as you. But I need to make a point.

My dad is in the hospital with pneumonia right now. How did he come down with pneumonia in the middle of July? Blame a relative of that horrifying insect to the left.

Yup. Dad somehow managed to encounter a tick infected with Lyme disease. And it was a local tick, too — he just lives 25 minutes down Rte. 140 in Bellingham.

He has absolutely no memory of a tick bite — deer ticks can be tiny, about the size of a pencil point — and he didn’t get the red bullseye rash everyone associates with Lyme disease. We don’t even know how long he’s had Lyme. We just know that, now that he has it, he’s going to be stuck with it.

So here’s my PSA for the day: it’s tick season and ticks, in addition to being gross and bloodsucky, can infect you with Lyme, which is really a disease that just keeps on giving.

For more info, check the fact sheet here: lyme


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