Crusin’ in Grafton

This sign has been taunting me for weeks.

What’s a cruise night? It’s when owners of restored vintage cars and tricked-out new ones come out to show off their babies. The Grafton Flea Market only started hosting them this year. Michael Peters, one of the owners, said they wanted to do a bit more with their property than just host the flea market on Sundays (and the occasional Monday holiday) and they figured a cruise night would be a nice family friendly activity.

Oh my. Seriously pretty. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Absolutely, spotlessly clean. Like it never gets driven.

You know, I’ve never been a car girl. But this one made me want to play with my hair and giggle. This is not acceptable behavior for a 41-year-old mother of two. I mean…

Ohmygod. (Bats eyelashes)

Ahem. Anyway, Michael says they had noticed that there were several cruise nights in the area, and they’re definitely popular with car enthusiasts, and figured that Grafton would be a logical cruising spot. They just started bringing in a DJ to spin classic tunes and they open up the snack bar. You can sit at the picnic tables and ogle everyone or take a closer gander at the cars.

This one, for example, was full of interesting details. Check it out:

All right, all that shiny chrome distracted me from getting a detail shot of the license plate. The owner has added little turquoise dice all around the car — they’re on the plate screws and also…

… on all the door locks. Sweet!

This is where I should probably mention the #1 rule of cruise nights: DON’T TOUCH THE CARS. This is especially important when you’re bringing little kids and they just want to grab the stuffed animals someone has set up as passengers. Car guys HATE when people put their sticky fingers all over their lovingly polished babies. They especially hate it kids try to get into the cars and “drive” them.

Anyway, admission is free and cruise nights start around 5 p.m. Most of the cars come 6-6:30 p.m., so if you’re already at the Common watching the Wednesday night concert and want to take a swing by afterwards, you can probably catch a number of cars. (I almost turned around and went back to the flea market last night when this gorgeous old fashioned ZZ Top-type car passed me at the Common on its way to the cruise night.)

There are also a few car-related vendors on site and Michael said they plan to start holding 50-50 raffles each night, with half the proceeds as the pot and the other half going to the Grafton Food Pantry.

I’m always tempted at these things to back the minivan into a spot and see what kind of reaction I get. “Why yes, this IS a 2001 Honda Odyssey with push-button sliding rear doors. The floors don’t look like they’ve ever seen a single ground-in Cheerio, do they? And check it out — it still has ALL its original cup holders.”

Yeah. I’m thinking that’s not a good idea.


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