A one-design-fits-all high school?

Interesting article in the Boston Globe today — state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill wants to create a set list of designs for high schools, which cities and towns will have to select from if they want state funding for their new school. This is to prevent cost overruns like the ridiculous $197.5 Newton North High School.

Presumably, the towns would be allowed some kind of customization. School needs may be somewhat one-size-fits-all, but available building sites are not.

From the Globe: “The program would be designed for high schools with 900 to 1,300 students, he said, and would work best on construction sites that do not have problematic wetlands, ledge, or environmental contamination, all factors that can drive up construction costs.

The designs would be based on high schools built over the last 10 years. The buildings would be between 170,000 and 240,000 square feet, depending on enrollment, and would include a gymnasium, an auditorium, science labs, and energy-efficient systems. No field houses or swimming pools would be allowed. If communities want those things, Cahill said, they would have to be built as separate buildings that would not qualify for state reimbursement.”

Thoughts, anyone?


3 thoughts on “A one-design-fits-all high school?

  1. Hopefully these are done by New England designers and not California designers – in other words – NO FLAT ROOFS!!!

  2. Ack! Definitely!
    And I’d hope the standard-sized school would at least feature an auditorium big enough to hold Town Meeting.

  3. The article went on to mention that the program was intended for high schools with an enrollment of between 900 and 1300 students. I thought Grafton HS currently is beyond this limit. Is this true?

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