Goodbye ‘Hellen Kellar’

Remember this? Grafton’s misspelled tribute to Helen Keller? Check it out:

Hey! It’s gone!

Who wants to own up to getting creative with the cleanser last week? Nice job!

At least, I assume it was last week. I didn’t have to drive the kids to camp, so I didn’t travel down Brigham Hill Road in that direction…

3 thoughts on “Goodbye ‘Hellen Kellar’

  1. I can’t take any credit personally, but was very glad to see the graffiti erased! This is a really good example of how a blog like this can have a direct, positive impact on our community — you pointed out something offensive, insensitive, and (frankly) stupid, and someone decided to take matters into their own hands! Thank you to the individual who fixed the problem… ~m

  2. I didn’t even see this post on your blog…but I must confess it was I who called the town to report the graffiti. I drove by this sign and was outraged to see what was written. Not to mention the poor spelling of the idiot who wrote it!! I called the Town Offices and told them it needed to be cleaned off ASAP. We have several deaf families in Grafton and the last thing I wanted was for any of them to see it and be offended. It was my pleasure to rid the town of that graffiti. Now, if we can only get rid of all the “nasties” at the Super Park. For the little ones who can’t yet read…it’s no big deal. However, for those of us whose children still enjoy the park AND know how to read….stay away from the Super Park!!! Let’s see if this blog can produce more positive “town energy” and clean the park.

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