They’re looking for a few good votes

Anyone else get hit with the telemarketer seeking opinions on the Democratic race for state senate the other night? State Sen. Edward Augustus, D-Worcester, is not seeking a third term, which leaves things wide open in the 2nd Worcester District.

On the Democratic side, we have Michael Moore, a selectman in Millbury, and Doug Belanger, a Leicester selectman. Warning: both sites have way too much red, white and blue and may make you dizzy if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet.

On the Republican front, we have John I. Lebeaux, a Shrewsbury selectman. And there’s a third party in the mix:  Steven Baer of Shrewsbury is running under the Green-Rainbow label. I haven’t managed to track down his site, if he has one, but there’s some info here.

I’ll go into issues after I’ve done a bit more research.

I’m 80 percent sure the telemarketer was calling on behalf of Moore, just based on the framing of the questions and order in which they were asked. It was a really awful telemarketer, by the way, and I spent more time during the questioning mentally critiquing his technique than really thinking about the questions.

Confession: I worked as a telemarketer for a few months in college. Yeah, I know, scum of the earth, sold my soul, whatever, but it was actually rather useful. I figured at the time that learning the art of keeping people on the phone talking to you, even when they really didn’t want to, would be a useful skill in journalism (and it is, and I use a few of the Jedi mind tricks to this day), plus I was able to learn all about how the telemarketing scripts are put together. As a result, I seldom trust poll data, because I know there were definitely times when a change in tone or a well-timed giggle (it was part of the script!) influenced the person I was interviewing.

I didn’t last long in telemarketing. The money was nice, but I kind of liked having my soul around.

Anyway, check out the candidates and remember: don’t trust poll data.

Bonus video! A vandal is caught in the act earlier this month throwing bricks at Belanger’s headquarters. He’s apparently missing a few lawn signs too. Telegram story on the incident is here.


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