Veggie explosion!

I keep meaning to bring my camera along on Thursdays, which is my CSA day at Nourse Farm in Westborough. I remembered to do it this week, but there were technical difficulties.

Nourse Farm in the downpour

Nourse Farm in the downpour

Let’s start with the weather. It was raining. No, it was monsooning. The poor kids had spent all day at camp, so the absolute last thing they wanted to do was go to a wet farmstand and pick out wet veggies with their wet mother and her wet camera. I let them stay in the car.

This week, they moved the CSA customers over to the covered area that normally shelters ice cream patrons from the sun. Normally, we’re out back with our tattered cardboard boxes and supermarket bags.

At Nourse, we actually get to pick out what we want each week, but quantities are limited in some areas. Raspberries, for example, are a pint a shareholder — no more.

Blueberry bins at Nourse

Blueberry bins at Nourse

Blueberries, we can take two boxes each. I love blueberries.

We’ve had blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry pie. My husband remarked this morning he’s starting to get sick of blueberries — we’ve had two pints for each of the last three weeks — and I reminded him that our own blueberry bushes, carefully covered with netting right now, are just starting to ripen. I think I may have to start freezing blueberries.

CSAs, of course, are all about trying things you might not ordinarily buy at the grocery store.

Like Swiss chard. My husband loves it, but I’ve always looked at it kind of dubiously. I can now say that Swiss chard is awesome when you put it with spinach in a quiche — it’s a bit sweeter than spinach, and doesn’t get as soggy.

There are some things, however, that we don’t touch.

Beets. When we signed on for this, my husband made me promise I wouldn’t go all Top Chef on him and try to make him like beets. I had a Polish roommate in college who once made a giant vat of borsch for us to subsist on during exam week, and, as a result, I’m totally on the no-beet bandwagon.

My camera apparently was, too, because this is the point where it totally quit. So you can’t see the giant boxes full of lettuce and the multiple squashes. Except here:

Squash, anyone?

Squash, anyone?

My fruit bowl has become my squash bowl for the summer. They shrivel up in the fridge, otherwise. This week, I brought home cucumbers (I know, not a squash), zucchini, summer squash and those adorable yellow flying saucers are pattypat. In addition to being cute, the pattypats are delicious.

I didn’t bring my notebook in the rain, but the guy at the stand (I really need to learn his name, we talk every week) said the rain is actually welcome for the farm at this time of year. The raspberries hate the excessive moisture, but the tomatoes love it and they won’t have to do all the irrigation jury-rigging that they had to do with last year’s drought.

Coming next week: Corn?

One thought on “Veggie explosion!

  1. I belong to the CSA at Nourse Farm too. I love it! It forces us to eat more fruits and vegetables than we would have if we didn’t join the CSA. I love supporting the local farms and local economy. If we don’t, we will all be buying produce from other countries at grocery stores that are owned by other countries, and the localfarms/economy will perish…. The local produce is fresher and tastier! From farm to table, same day 🙂

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