Inside Grafton State Hospital

I spend a lot of time on YouTube at work (it’s FOR work!) and I’m always checking for new videos involving Grafton. This one is REALLY cool.

Grafton State Hospital was established in 1901 as a farm colony for the chronically insane. It was closed in the 1970s. The property now holds Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine as well as the Grafton Job Corps but, as you can see, some of the buildings are still on the property, abandoned.

The state’s former insane asylums are popular with urban spelunkers, people who enjoy exploring abandoned buildings, and are frequently said to be haunted. The most well known in Massachusetts is Danvers State Asylum, which always gave me the shivers when we’d drive by it on visits to relatives on the North Shore.

So has anyone obsessively chronicled Grafton’s former hospital? But of course. More than one? You doubt my Googling skills? There’s even a Flickr stream.


3 thoughts on “Inside Grafton State Hospital

  1. i was a student there and the buildings are not stable and have asbestos….we did happen to sneak in there and i did walk through a few of the underground tunnels and and explored many other ares i will say that there were things that we seen happen that there is no explanation for

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