Speed limit is…

This post is for my husband, who pointed it out the other day. (And no, I’m not just going to post signs all week, it just happened to work out that way)

Pop quiz! You’ve just entered Grafton from Shrewsbury on Rte. 140. What’s the speed limit?

But wait! What’s that off in the distance?

It tells you you’re going too fast if you’re driving 35, which is what the other sign just told you was the speed limit. The heck?

Also, for the record, I’m on foot here. And I’m RUNNING toward the radar just to get it up to 35! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a blogger!

OK, so maybe not.

Small aside: I love the little park here. I never see anyone there except for the guy mowing it this morning, but it’s a pretty little place.

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