Ekblaw Landing: Now with more loosetrife!

I kept putting off taking my camera to Ekblaw Landing. I kept thinking “oh yeah, I’ll go there and take shots from the water, it will be so pretty.”

But then I realized I was actually thinking that, someday, I’d get out there with a canoe or kayak and then shook myself into reality. You see, I don’t own a boat.

But if you do — a canoe, a kayak, a rowboat, heck an inflatable dinghy — this is where you launch yourself into the Quinsigamond River where, I think, it leads into Lake Ripple. Remember, no boat here, but the map I’m squinting at makes it look like this is possible.

How did Ekblaw Landing — it’s on Rte. 140/122, across the street from Aggregate Industries — get its name? It’s named after Elsa Ekblaw. Here, take a look:

Yes. You want to know anything, just look at the rocks.

But don’t be satisfied from your view from the road. Even if you don’t have a boat with you, take a stroll down to the launch area and get a look at the water.

I need a canoe.

So pristine! So clean! Don’t you just want to sit down and admire…

… all the socks people have left scattered around the landing, clearly stripped away when wet and then forgotten, because everyone knows wildlife need socks and also…

… coffee? How thoughtful that someone left behind their cup so the swans could sit on this made-for-picnics flat rock and fill up on caffeine! Our caffeine crisis among swans just isn’t addressed enough.

Seriously, guys? If you’re enough of a nature lover to bring your boat here, pick up your socks and your coffee cups for crying out loud.

Now just look at that sea of purple. Pretty, isn’t it?

No. You’re not supposed to say that. This is where the lecture about purple loosetrife comes in. Don’t pick it — that will spread its seeds. It’s an alien plant, accidentally introduced in the 1900s, and it surpresses native plants, chokes waterways and…

… oh heck, just follow that link up there. It’s too early in the morning for a purple loosetrife lecture from me.

Instead, I’m just going to admire the daylilies that were planted near the road. They will hopefully spread, non-invasively, and disguise the area around what looks like a retention basin on the property.

2 thoughts on “Ekblaw Landing: Now with more loosetrife!

  1. Great photos. This was one of the earliest success stories of the Community Preservation Act. I take much personal pride in what we have done as a Town to set aside this contempletive spot to sit and rest our anxieties. I spend many a Saturday morning with my wife sitting on the bench having a cup of coffee and enjoying God’s tapestry. Just as you point out – we seem to take more trash home with us then we created. This is a wonderful spot to not only begin a water excursion – but to rest and let the worries of the world run on down Route 140.

  2. The pictures are beautiful. It’s one of the reasons that I appreciate Grafton so much. It’s such a shame that people leave trash behind (especially at places like this). My family has made a habit of picking up a little trash after we’ve finished enjoying one of Grafton’s beautiful places like this. Whether it’s down at the high school picking up Propel bottles and tennis ball containers, or the Super Park and it’s endless supply of food wrappers. Please help keep Grafton clean.

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