Preserving Grafton’s open space

I’ve had “write about the Grafton Land Trust” on my to-do list for a while now. It’s celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has managed to preserve 620 acres to keep Grafton the way we’ve all found and loved it — rural, woody and picturesque.

And yeah, I live in a new development that destroyed acres of woodlands. We all have our hypocrisies to bear.

In any case, I do intend to write about them, even more than I’m writing about them now, but today I just want to point you to a fantastic article in the Telegram by Donna Boynton that details the group’s history and efforts, alongside a graphic I’d dearly love to poach… but my paper’s designer is a total goddess who would smite me if I dared to violate another paper’s copyright in that manner.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!


One thought on “Preserving Grafton’s open space

  1. I know this blog entry is from July, but I figured I’d send an update regarding GLT activities anyway. The GLT is having a photo contest…

    The Natural World In Grafton: Go Out and Find It! A photo contest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Grafton Land Trust. Photos must be taken on GLT properties or Grafton public lands and waterways. Maps of eligible properties are available at the Grafton Center Public Library. Winning photos will be published in a 2009 GLT calendar. Contest is open to all ages. Contact:

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