Swamped. Order me a pizza?

Coming attractions: I interviewed Doug Belanger, candidate for state Senate, this week, I’m still waiting to hear from the other campaigns, and we’re child-free for most of next week, which may mean we’ll be eating at various Grafton restaurants.

But today, I’m totally bogged down in other people’s writing — it’s Friday!

So tell me this: who has the best pizza in Grafton?


4 thoughts on “Swamped. Order me a pizza?

  1. Peperoni Pizza, in a landslide. PLUS, they donate gazzillions (sp?) of pizza to various groups/events.

  2. Pepex is the Daniell’s of pizza; but do you have some friends visiting from out of town? Bet they’ll love tas-t. nice to have one here.

    You should ask readers for questions to pose to the candidates.

  3. Good idea on the reader questions. Give me questions as well as pizza ideas!

    Fridays are hit-or-miss days for me, blogging-wise — I’d hoped to have time to write up the interview this morning, but it just didn’t happen, and I only write for pay during the work day.

    Explain “Daniell’s of pizza,” because I’m not getting the reference! And is Tas-T a chain?

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