Deli Prescoli at Selectmen Tuesday night

Jon Deli Prescoli, who plans to re-activate the Grafton & Upton Railroad, will meet with Selectmen Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. (Previous posts on the issue are here and here.)

Here’s my issue: I’m now working late that night covering for another editor. I’d planned to actually attend this meeting. Anyone planning to go? I’ll be DVRing it, but who knows if I’ll be able to watch and report on it in a timely fashion.

Edit: Welcome visitors from! Take off your coats, stretch out, enjoy the Grafton & Upton RR links and feel free to comment on the issue. My only commenting rule: if you won’t say it to your mom, don’t say it to me. For Graftonites interested in an exhaustive look at the railroad branch, I highly recommend the forum thread here.


3 thoughts on “Deli Prescoli at Selectmen Tuesday night

  1. I’m happy to provide an update following the meeting. Just FYI – If there is a specific issue someone wants addressed, let me know – this is not public hearing so there won’t be any formal opportunity for direct questions to Mr. Deli Prescoli.

  2. I’m interested in attending. Is the meeting open to the public? Will photography be permitted? What’s the location?


    * JB *

  3. All Selectmen meetings are open to the public — any elected or appointed board in town must hold their sessions in a public setting with a few exceptions (they must call a public session then adjourn to what’s called “executive session,” which generally comes into play with contract negotiations and the like). In most cases photography is allowed, however, it must be unobtrusive.

    Public input is not permitted, however, unless a public hearing is called. This must appear on the agenda in advance to give anyone who is interested in commenting on a matter before the board a chance to be heard.

    In this case, Deli Prescoli is coming to discuss the tracks with town officials at their request. He does not have any kind of plan or proposal to present and there is no official need of a public hearing until he actually has something that requires town approval.

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