Report on the Grafton & Upton meeting

Many many thanks to John LaPoint, who emailed me this report:

Attended the Grafton selectmen’s meeting with Jon Deli Prescoli – only the selectmen asked questions — no audience participation tonight. Deli Prescoli did not have a whole lot of groundbreaking news for those of us who are G & U RR railfans — he says he will be buying the rest of the railroad, he did give his background in running the Quincy Terminal Railroad, says he has had the tracks inspected and has a rehabilitation plan to upgrade the tracks to Class 1 railroad status.

Grafton may see trains running again by next spring (2009) probably no more than 2 trains a day — one to Hopedale, and one train back to Grafton using the CSX/ G & U connection at the North Grafton yard — for now. He does plan to connect the railroad to CSX at both ends of the line. Trains likely to be no more than 10-12 cars long. The train will stop at all grade crossings and a flagman will lead the train through the crossing — just as happens in North Grafton right now.

Not a whole lot of news revelations — but biggest one, I thought, was Deli Priscoli did confirm that he has bought the former Wickes Lumber (Gerrity Building) in Hopedale.

There were three reporters at tonight’s meeting – Donna Boynton of T & G, Don Clark of Grafton News, and a second lady reporter. (Milford News???)

John LaPoint
Grafton Economic Development Commission

I haven’t had a chance to watch the meeting myself, so thank you for the update! I also noticed people working on the tracks at Rte. 140 today, on the road as well as clearing away brush.

I can confirm that the second lady reporter was NOT one of mine, otherwise I wouldn’t have worried about missing it. Possibly Globe West Weekly?

Update: Here’s the Telegram article and a bonus video:

One thought on “Report on the Grafton & Upton meeting

  1. This sounds like a very profitable venture for Jon Deli Prescoli, and I applaud his capitalist energy! Any chance that Mr. Prescoli would swap undivided community support for his RR initiative for…um..say…a G&U funded media center at the High School library (whether in its existing school structure, annex, or new building)? If he did that, he could have Boardwalk and Park Place too!

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