My lunch at Romey’s Gourmet

Meet Chef Charlie.

Chef Charlie — aka Charlie Vasquez — owns Romey’s Gourmet at 82 Worcester St.  He made my lunch yesterday.

Yes, I finally got to try out the new restaurant in Grafton! But first, I had to go through a bit of awkwardness. You see, I’m perfectly fine introducing myself as a newspaper reporter, but when it comes to saying “hi, I, like, have this blog? Can I, um, take pictures?” I feel completely ridiculous.

Anyway, Chef Charlie says business has been brisk since opening. Check out the interior:

Maybe it was hunger making my hands shake, but all my food shots didn’t come out (I know! How difficult is THAT to accomplish with a digital camera?). I ended up getting a Soprano, which is basically an upscale Italian sub with, my husband’s favorite, proscuitto, among other types of meats.

In fact, my description of it in an email to him yesterday (“I think it’s even better than a Monti’s club!” — this refers to a sandwich at our favorite pizza place in Northborough) made him so hungry that he stopped by Romey’s himself on his way home to grab one for dinner.

And then he bought a canolli. Singular. And he was finished with it by the time I came home from work. And the man claims he loves me.

Chef Charlie says the canolli were so popular last Sunday that he made sure to order extra shells for this past weekend — and ended up throwing a few canolli away because there wasn’t as much of a demand. Somewhere, an Italian grandmother weeps.

The store also sells ready-made dishes — he’s mixing ziti with sauce in the top picture — and stocks Polish pottery, knives and other specialty kitchen items. I also spotted sauces, gourmet vanilla and bags of dried hot peppers.

As if that’s not enough, there’s also this:

Yeah. No idea what was up with the camera, but those shelves are filled with cheeses. Yum.

So how was the Soprano? Excellent. I shared it with another editor at work (it was good-sized and full of meat, which is what you’d expect for over $7) and we both cooed over how fresh it tasted. It had both onions and peppers on it that were well-soaked with what tasted like balsamic vinegar. Also, it came with a small side of pasta salad, which was also yummy.

We’re still child-free tonight and my husband has promised me a trip to Cancun’s. I wonder what the blogging experience will be like after a margarita?


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