Now powered by FiOS

FiOS! (happy dance)
FiOS! (happy dance)
FiOS! (happy dance)

The FiOS guy was apparently at our house all day yesterday (I was at work doing the editor thing) and we’re now up and running. We’re not entirely free of Charter yet — we’re letting the account run through August to we can work out the email kinks and get everything over to our new accounts, plus we’re still attached to them for cable TV.

If you’ve been wondering why Grafton has been invaded by Verizon trucks lately, blame it on the FiOS guy.


7 thoughts on “Now powered by FiOS

  1. I’m jealous. Verizon doesn’t offer it in our area. They advertised the triple pack which puts you on the top of the list, which would include DSL until Fios was available. So I bit, and they came out and we couldn’t even have DSL! We now have Dish for cable, Verizon for phone, and because we didn’t accept their offer of a dial-up connection for internet Charter for internet.

  2. I’m hoping we’ll get it as a cable alternative soon. My only concern are the local Grafton channels — I think they’re tied to the town’s contract with Charter, so they may not be available if we switch cable companies.

  3. Actually I have Direct TV, I should know that since I’m sitting across from the box. One thing I do miss is having the Leicester channels. If I could do it again I probably wouldn’t have switched from Charter because of that. There’s a lot of local news I miss out on since I can’t see board meetings anymore.

  4. Right now, the Selectmen have a public hearing scheduled for Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. on Verizon’s application. We had a call this weekend about it (highly annoying). I was planning to check in with the Cable Advisory Committee before the meeting to see what’s up.

  5. Thanks for the quick response! It’s so hard to find information about this. I’m a new resident to Grafton and came from Comcast-land where there are MANY more HD channels. That’s what I am waiting for.

  6. I’m in the same boat with you Jim … Verizon FiOS was a heartbeat away in our townhouse in NW Grafton, but isn’t available in our new house in NE Grafton.

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