School supplies

In the spirit of Responsive Classroom we would greatly appreciate if the following materials could be made to the classroom community beginning in August…

It’s school supply season! Have YOU stocked up on #2 pencils, pink erasers, glue sticks, scissors, highlighters, colored pencils, 2-pocket folders of different solid colors, tissues, masking tape, scotch tape, sticky notes, liquid soap, white board markers, crayons (24 pack), Sharpies and Band-Aids?

I’m rebelling. Every year, I’ve bought the recommended tube of tennis balls for furniture legs. The boy-child can’t remember ever being in a classroom that actually used them for their intended purpose — not to play tennis, but to be stuck on the bottoms of the chair legs so they won’t make a lot of noise sliding across the uncarpeted floors of Grafton Elementary School. No tennis balls from us this year!


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