Smile! Someone’s watching you

The next time you’re stuck at the traffic light at Millbury Street and Rte. 122, take a good look at those new lights.

Are those traffic cameras? I dropped an email to Police Chief Normand A. Crapeau, who said the lights fall under Mass Highway’s jurisdiction since they, of course, are the people who have been wreaking havoc improving the intersection for the past few months. I haven’t managed to find anyone who knows what I’m talking about yet over there.

I cannot tell you how much fun I had trying to get a good picture of these things. First I parked at Grafton Water and walked over to the intersection, wondering if I was doomed to have “Blogger roadkill!” as the headline in my obituary. Then I figured, since I get stuck at that light coming down from the Common all the time, that I would just shoot it from the safety of my car from underneath.

Would you believe it took me three tries before I actually had to stop at that light? That never happens.

One thought on “Smile! Someone’s watching you

  1. I thought these things were actually “triggers” for traffic so the light would change. Would anyone actually be paid to watch the traffic coming through the intersection. Seems like another waste of tax dollars to me.

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