Equal time: Here’s John Lebeaux

All right, I’ve given the Democrats for state Senate, Michael Moore and Doug Belanger, their chance to speak their minds (and if they want to talk more, they both have my email address, phone number and the comments on the site are wide open). I haven’t heard from John Lebeaux and I’m not going to push it at this point.

However, I found a small cache of his videos on YouTube. A few of them are invite-only, but he posted his campaign kick-off speech and it’s public, so check it out:

Also, I’ve found the Web site for the elusive Steven Baer, the Green Party candidate. I’ve added it to the political candidates links in the sidebar. Note the misspelling of “Worchester” and lack of any useful information (like contact info) whatsoever. I did manage to find an email address for him from another candidate’s Web site, so let’s see if that’s still active.

I have to say, after interviewing the two Democrats, I’m still undecided on the primary. There are aspects of each that I’d love to morph into one candidate, but sadly science has not quite reached that advanced level yet. Anyone know if there are plans for a debate?


One thought on “Equal time: Here’s John Lebeaux

  1. You can contact the Green Party of the US at http://www.gp.org for more information about Green candidates.

    I am responsible for the typo. It is sometimes difficult to get information about Greens this early. We don’t typically have huge budgets or the ability to run a full time campaign. I have shared all the public information I have.

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