Check out the windows

I drive by this house on Brigham Hill Road all winter without really noticing it. But come the warmer months, it becomes one of my favorites in town.

LOOK at those windows. No, really. Every single window in that house is latched open.

It’s fantastic. I can’t imagine how painstaking the process must be — surely that isn’t done from the inside? Once they’re open, they stay open, making it incredible convertible window house all through the summer.

I worry, during some of these heavy storms, that a tree branch might fly by and take off a window or a gust of wind might do something damaging. I have yet to see anything like that happen, though.

I have to give mad props to the owners for staying historically accurate and not caving to the siren call of more energy-efficient but less eye-popping models. Or maybe they are more energy-efficient. I have no idea what they might look like on the inside.


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