Biosafety: Coming soon

Just back from the tour of the Level 3 Biosafety facility at the Cummings School for Veterinary Medicine. Lots to digest and really quite fascinating.

I’m waiting on some info and I really need to dive into some Web and video editing, but a couple high points off the top of my head:

  • They anticipate it will be complete by the end of the year but, with all the vetting they need to do with various government agencies, including the CDC, actual opening will probably be another 3-6 months after that.
  • They don’t anticipate having any animals larger than a young pig at the facility — mostly mice and rats and, definitely, no primates.
  • They do anticipate having a lot of insects — they’re a vector for disease after all — including ticks. There will be protocols to ensure that all living creatures don’t escape the facility.
  • And that includes humans — security at that building is TIGHT and entry points are made to withstand explosions. I’m totally not exaggerating.
  • They believe having the facility in the science park will be a draw for other biotech development, and any businesses that do open up shop there will, of course, be Grafton taxpayers — yes, even though the land they’ll be housed on is owned by Tufts University.

All-in-all, quite cool.

And I got to wear a hard hat. More TK, probably tomorrow morning. Any questions, post in the comments!


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