Margaritas, anyone?

All right, yesterday we mourned a restaurant we no longer have. Today, let’s talk about one we still have — and it’s totally craveable. I speak, of course, of Cancuns.

My handsome husband took me to Cancuns a couple weeks ago when we had a child-free week. One of our kids is not an exceptionally adventurous eater (the other likes to eat squid tentacles), so we tend to go here when there are no little people in the house.

The other reason we go child-free: Mommy likes her margaritas. And since Mommy doesn’t get them that often, it really takes only a few sips before I can’t feel my knees anymore.

Located on Lake Ripple at 75 Worcester St. (Rte. 140/122), Cancuns boasts the best restaurant views in town. The former tenant of the space was the Lake Ripple Restaurant, which I never had a chance to visit. After that place closed, we would drive by the empty building all the time and say “Wow, if I was going to start a restaurant, I’d open it there.”

Needless to say, when Cancuns finally opened, it immediately started to do a booming business. And it wasn’t just the novelty of a new place in town. Mexican isn’t a variety of food that’s exceptionally plentiful in Massachusetts — unless you count Taco Bell and, really, who does? — and Cancuns definitely satisfies that Mexican itch. The food isn’t as spicy as you might get it further South, but it’s yummy and addictive and have I mentioned their margaritas?

You may have noticed at this point that all my photos are of the view from the restaurant parking lot. I had some technical issues the night we went out, so the camera stayed home. Which is a pity, because the interior is a riot of color, with carved booths and chairs. It’s definitely a kid-friendly place, and you’re generally going to find a lot of families there scarfing down the chips and salsa that come before every meal. And I have to say, the staff is among the friendliest I’ve ever met.

Oh, there’s loosestrife in the picture. Bad, bad, purple loosestrife. Don’t pick it. Don’t plant it.

So how is the food? My favorite is enchiladas tapatias, which is a combo of three enchiladas, one chicken with mole sauce, one beef with red sauce, one cheese with tomatillo sauce, all served with rice, refried beans and sour cream. It’s highly addictive, and probably not recommended as a regular part of your diet. I’ve also tried the fajitas, which are just as good as the Mexican place that my friend in Dallas always whisks me to the second I get off the plane.

Cancuns also has chimichangas, quesadillas, chili relieno, tostadas, burritos, tamales and, of course, tacos. And their tortilla soup is awesome when you have a really bad cold — think chicken soup, kicked up with tortilla strips, Mexican spices and cheese. Offerings are divided by meat groups — chicken, pork, beef, seafood — and they also have vegetarian offerings and a children’s menu.

Have you saved room for dessert? They have deep fried ice cream, plan, sopapillas and an apple burrito.

I’m looking at the menu now. It’s 9:17 a.m. and I’m already planning what I’m going to bring back to the office for lunch after the biosafety thing. Should I bring the newsroom nachos or hope no one notices me hiding my order of pollo en mole? Decisions, decisions.


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