What goes up, must come DOWN

Driving the kids to camp this morning, I was thinking idly about things I could take pictures of before work. Maybe I could drop in on a breakfast place. Maybe I could go for a nature walk. Or maybe…

… something interesting would come out of the sky. YES!

I spotted it first from Crosby Road and, yes, it’s coming down quickly. I haven’t seen a hot air balloon around here in ages — we used to see them passing by our back window fairly often a couple years ago.

Brigham Hill Road (that’s the house they tore down to its cellar and then rebuilt to the right), it’s coming down quite fast. I jumped back in the car and figured I’d be under it in just a few more feet.

At this point, I was close enough that the people in the balloon could actually see me.

“Where are you landing?” I yelled.

“Don’t know! There’s not a lot of wind. We’re trying to get over there,” they said, gesturing in the direction of the Municipal Center.

The kids started wondering if the thing was going to land on TOP our car. I was worried they weren’t going to clear the wires, but with the application of considerable fire, they managed to do it.

I had to get the kids on the bus, so I didn’t get to see where they landed. I’m guessing that they were from Bella Via Balloon Co. out of Worcester, which also has hot air balloons in Sicily (follow the link, the pictures are amazing).

And THIS is why I always need to carry a camera on me!


7 thoughts on “What goes up, must come DOWN

  1. Hi,
    Boy, are you fast getting this on your blog. I was in the balloon this morning and remember you. Glad to see someone still enjoys the beauty and wonder of it.

    We ended up landing in a field at the high school near where the kids were having a track practice. Rather than encourage the kids to take 5 minutes to watch the landing and enjoy something they may never see again, the athletic director came over and gave us a hard time for landing there…..saying it was a danger to the kids (that we were 100 yeards away from) and a distraction from practice. Can you imagine? Thanks for enjoying.

  2. You’re joking. What reasonable person doesn’t enjoy a good hot air balloon landing? It was a little bit of magic for our morning, and the first thing out of my kids’ mouths when they saw their friends at the bus stop were, “Guess what we saw? Mom, show them your camera!”

  3. Thank you for the real and positive description of your experience about us. Awaking the childlike quality of wonder and awe is what balloons are about. Sharing that is our ultimate purpose.

    A. Mario Di Stefano


  4. Ooh, that’s a great find! And it looks like the same balloon, too!

    Traditionally, hot air balloons carry champagne to share with the owner of the land on which they’ve landed, or so I was told by a guy who was trying to get me to go up in one…

  5. One also landed in the new development at the end of Old Westboro Road on Thursday night, and again, same guy!

  6. In all fairness, it is hard to predict just where a hot air balloon is going to come down (it’s one on the many reasons why I’ve never gone up in one). These aren’t crash landings — just kind of surprising when they pop in out of nowhere. Mario isn’t bombing Grafton with his balloons, just making the sky pretty…

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