The number you have reached…

I’m actually on my way out for part of the afternoon, but I’m bringing something forward from the comments:

I just heard a rumor about another potential restaurant closing… is it possible that the awesome Cafe on the Common (in Grafton Center) is going out of business? There’s a sign posted today that reads “everything must go.” Maybe she’s just redecorating. I’m going to do a little research, but god, I hope it’s not true!

And… I just called their phone number and it’s been disconnected.

It would be a shame if they’re closing. I’ve been there only once, for a baby shower, and it was just a darling little place that I’d mentally bookmarked for a place to take my daughter and sister-in-law.

The owner, according  to the Assessors, is Patricia Shaw. I haven’t found a listing for her in Grafton, but that doesn’t mean anything — she could live out of town, she could be listed under her husband’s name if she’s married. I hopefully will have time to do a little digging once I get back…

Edit: The pictures tell the story…

I don’t know when “today” was, but this is on the door now.

Ugh! It was such a sweet little spot. Definitely a niche business, though — I can’t imagine a lot of people wanted to go out for tea during the summer, especially during THIS summer with gas prices the way they have been.


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