Vandals and break-ins, oh my

Over the last week, a few people have told me about various acts of vandalism around town, including a rash of break-ins around Brigham Hill Road and some bizarre incidents in the LeClaire neighborhood behind Grafton Elementary School that include, and you can’t make this up, someone pooping in mailboxes.

Never have I been so happy to have the locked community mailboxes at the end of our street!

So I put off blogging about it, acting like a responsible journalist and all, but I never did get to the police department to look at the logs and the ones online only go up to early August and… then it hit me.

I don’t want to look at the logs.

I don’t want to deal with crime.

It’s a blog, not a newspaper. If I want to throw out “so, anyone hear about the mailbox pooper?” I can do that. I’m not accusing anyone of the action, I’m not hassling with cops, it’s a small blog about a small town and, essentially, this is the Internet version of me sidling up to you at the grocery store and saying “psst, didja hear?”

It’s kind of liberating.

So… who’s been vandalized? And is it a federal crime to dispose of fecal matter in a mailbox?


One thought on “Vandals and break-ins, oh my

  1. Nice point about the blog. Most people think bloggers should be journalists. Bloggers aren’t. They’re normal people trying to have a dialogue with their neighbors.

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