Looks like someone reads my blog!

Hot off the… um, email (wow, that totally lacks a ring), I just received a press release from Doug Belanger’s camp:

Belanger Re-Challenges Opponent to State Senate Debate

Worcester- Democratic State Senate candidate Doug Belanger today once again challenged his primary opponent Michael Moore to accept a debate offer made back in June by the Leicester Democratic Town Committee to be held on Thursday September 11 from 7 to 8 pm.

In May I proposed a debate in each of the seven communities in this senate district. Candidate Moore rejected that proposal by telling the Telegram & Gazette: “I think debates more toward election time would be more appropriate”. He also is quoted as saying he “planned on participating in one in Auburn September 9. So far Mr. Moore has only agreed to the Shrewsbury forum held back in June and a second one on the Jordan Levy show on WTAG radio on September 8 from 5 to 6 pm.

It is not fair to the 165,000 voters of this district not to be able to see both democratic candidates discuss the issues facing this senate district, and it is wrong to ignore Auburn, Grafton, Millbury, Leicester and Upton by not holding debates in those communities. I challenge candidate Moore to debate me September 11 in Leicester. I will attend the September 11 debate in Leicester and I will, if necessary debate a empty chair with candidate Moore’s name in front of it. If candidate Moore cannot debate here in the district how will he be able to debate and fight for our district needs in the Massachusetts State Senate, said Belanger.

The facts are: candidate Moore failed to show up for a debate on charter channel 3 that would have been shown in all 7 district communities; candidate Moore’s supporters rejected a plan to hold a debate in Grafton; and candidate Moore and his supporters cancelled an agreed to debate scheduled for Auburn on September 9 and now candidate Moore has ducked another debate scheduled for September 11 in Leicester. It is clear that candidate Moore is ducking debates and refuses to discuss the real issues of this race and shame on him,” said Belanger.

Empty chair and all!

I emailed Mike Moore’s camp for comment…


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