A tree grows in Grafton

There’s a tree that grows in Grafton.

Some people call it the Tree of Opals.

And that would be its correct name. It’s crafted from opalescent aluminum and steel and parts of it move in the wind. It reflects light like crazy and I always give a happy sigh when I pass through Tufts and see it on an especially sunny day.

Tree of Opals is the work of William H. Wainwright, an Allston-based artist who has crafted similar works around the country. “Nevergreen” trees and helixes are constant themes in his work, all crafted in this rainbow-reflective aluminum and steel.

Have I mentioned I spent a few years writing about art? I can fake art critique right up there with the best of ’em. “The kinetic beauty of this sculpture invokes the changing of the seasons with its play of light and color and yet it stands, hard and inorganic, an otherworldly beauty in vibrant natural setting.”

I don’t miss art writing.

OK everyone, turn your head to the side and wonder “is this photo meant to be a vertical?”

No. No, it’s not.

Look at those shapes!



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