Comments on comments

I created this blog to get people talking, and I’m thrilled there’s been some back-and-forth in the comments over the past few weeks.

However, this is my playground. And if you want to play here, please note that if you are commenting for the first time, I need to approve your first post. Up until today, I’ve approved about 98 percent of those (the two percent rejected are generally spammers who get through the filter).

But I’m not going to approve you if I suddenly get three comments in a row, all from different Hotmail accounts, all essentially saying the same thing, all from the exact same IP.

Please. I didn’t just sign on to the Internet yesterday.

I’m not going to approve you if you swear or call me names.

Also, I’m not a fat soccer mom. I’m a statuesque Little League parent.

And, for the love of Strunk & White, please attempt to use punctuation. I’m not going to ding anyone for missing a comma here and there, but I will shake my pica stick at the computer screen and mutter angrily about the rampant misuse of the possessive.

3 thoughts on “Comments on comments

  1. Wow! I really do like you more every day. Strunk & White? Pica stick? I read through the bevy of comments in your Moore-Belanger posts and though the same thing. “These are so hard to read without any caps or punctuation.”

    Way to moderate!

  2. Greatergrafton…you say…”I’m not a fat soccer mom. I’m a statuesque Little League parent.” Now, my question is…do you dress like a woman?

    I can’t believe I’m doing this…but take a look at Kay Whynot in the Grafton News, and you’ll see a glimmer into his lady lovin lustfulness for VP Candidate Palin in Grafton News. I quote: “…and she dresses like a woman – no pant suits!”

  3. I love the “dress like a woman.” I’m not exactly crossdressing right now in my casual-Friday jeans and heels. I’m even wearing pink!

    I do the “dress like a woman” thing when I need good quotes, because the women will want to know where I got the outfit (OMG, it was a total steal! Did that doctor really amputate the wrong arm? Do you think the shoes are too much?) and the men will be easily distracted. 🙂

    Clearly, I could easily distract Kay Whynot.

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