New kids on the blog

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new blogger in town.

Actually, it’s a whole neighborhood of bloggers. Introducing the Greany Drive Blog, which covers the happenings around the Greany Drive and Tracy Ann neighborhood. The focus is small, but it’s all about bringing neighbors closer together, according to Andrew and Susan, the couple behind the blog.

“My wife and I recently started the “Greany Drive Blog” to bring the residents of Greany Drive and Tracy Ann closer together,” Andrew emailed me (I discovered the blog when it popped up as a site referrer).  “Although we have only lived in Grafton for one year, we quickly realized that our neighborhood needed a place where residents could share stories, news, and thoughts.

“The Greany Drive Blog went ‘live’ two weeks ago and the initial reaction from our neighbors has been positive.  Time will tell whether or not this blog will be a success.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our own hectic and fast paced lives that we forget to notice the little things in our communities that make us proud to be from Grafton.”

Welcome to Grafton blogging, guys!

So who are the bloggers in YOUR neighborhood?


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