2nd Worcester race by the numbers

Who wants to sift through some campaign finance reports?

You used to have to drive into Boston for these and, boy, was that a pain in the neck. You’d have to pay through the nose for parking near the State House and then spend hours photocopying and squinting at hastily handwritten notations.

Now, you can do it all in just a few clicks and link to it from your blog. Ain’t technology grand?

These all reflect the period between Jan. 1 and Aug. 29.

Let’s get our singletons out of the way. Our lone Republican, John Lebeaux, started with $7,610.70. He raised a total of $18,429.12 and spent $15,693.70, entering the homestretch with $10,346.12. Want to know who donated and what he spent it on? Just click on his name and I’ve linked you to the page.

Green Party candidate Steven Baer continues to be a man of mystery. No money raised. No expenses. Not even a bank account.

OK, let’s get to the Democrats. I may have to turn my son loose as a comments editor to help him practice for MCAS…

Taking this in alphabetical order, Doug Belanger started with a balance of zero. He raised $59,581.19, spent $57,175.18, and has an ending balance of $2,406.01. He also had $5,810.35 in “in kind” contributions for travel expenses from Mass Alliance and Neighbor-to-Neighbor.

Michael Moore, meanwhile, started out with $6,432.48. He raised $79,394.00, spent $56,415.06 and ended with $29,411.42. His in-kind contributions totaled $681.16 for food, wood, and campaign sign contributions.

Go on! Play with those numbers! Have some fun!


3 thoughts on “2nd Worcester race by the numbers

  1. I took a look, and found it very interesting when I did a “find” search for “grafton” under recipients. Belanger has no donors with a Grafton address listed, while Moore has more (including Mr. Padgett & his committee to elect). Former selectman Carlson is kicking cash to Lebaux. All very interesting.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t have time during my lunch break to do much more than just post the numbers. It was one of those “aha!” moments when I realized “it’s a blog, not a news article. Make ’em analyze it themselves if they want to.”

  3. Did any one See the Worc county jail bus go by Whoops I mean the Mike Moore Campaign bus they look an awful lot alike how ever Mike said on the Peter Blute show today that some unknown person donated the bus to him to use and even put a repair plate on it for him (repair plate to be used to and from place of repair not to transport VOTERS) Now I know why I could find it in his Fiance report the donor is unknown.I sure hope Mike is right I would hate to think that MIKE AND GUY are above the law.

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